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Building the Best Body

Guitarists across the globe may differ on many things, but when it comes to the quality of their instrument, there is no debate that only the best will do. Every part needs to be manufactured with care and precision in order to deliver the best sound. Selecting the best may be overwhelming for some, which is why we aim to provide you with the simplest and best guitar bodies, necks and scratch plates, making your choice easier than ever.

The body of a guitar is one of the most important features, and selecting which body is the best fit for you is will be determined by the look, feel and sound quality you desire. Two of the most popular body designs are the Stratocaster and Telecaster, which each have unique features that make them your guitar body of choice. Stratocasters are known for their sleek design, versatility and beautifully smooth sound. Musicians enjoy the comfort of this guitar, enhanced by the two “horns” that offer unique balance when being held. Stratocasters suit a variety of music genres including jazz, blues, rock, heavy metal, pop and folk. Telecasters, on the other hand, have a more solid body and offer musicians a more sustained sound. The solid body decreases feedback, ensuring a pleasant playing experience for novice and professional musicians alike. Telecasters offer a warmer and more comfortable sound, and are suited to music genres such as country, blues and jazz.

In order for the vibrations of the strings to be transferred beautifully into the wood, you need to ensure you select a wood that will offer you your desired tone. Different wood types possess different resonant properties, which allow a variety of tones to be produced. We are passionate about bringing you the best quality wood for your guitar. Our Alder wood guitar body produces a strong, full sound that is not too harsh or high pitched. Offering a slighting different pitch, our Swamp Ash wood body provides you with a sweeter sound and a more sustained sound. If a heavier, more distorted sound is what you are after, our American Hard Ash body would be your body of choice.

The perfect combination of body and wood types will not only enhance the sound quality you desire, but give you an unbelievable performance experience. Take a look at our unique range of Guitar Bodies that are ready to ship by visiting, and take your musical skill to the next level with the best guitar bodies around.