Custom Telecaster Guitar Body


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  • Customise your body order - follow the steps below

    All our custom made bodies are hand made and finished by our highly skilled luthiers.All bodies are 2 piece centre matched construction. You can have a premium 320 grit sanded body or use our high end custom spray shop facility.

    Step 1 - select type of body finish

    Please select the type of body finish you would like. For colour and 2 or 3 tone finishes you will be presented with further options

    • 0 £
    • 260 £
    • 260 £
    • 260 £
    • 260 £

    Step 2 - select colours for your finish

    Once you have chosen a type of finish your colour options will appear below

    • Painted Polyurethane Colour £
    • 2 or 3 Tone Sunburst Polyurethane Colours £
    • Stained Transparent Finish Polyurethane Colour £
  • Body Style*
  • Choose Tone Wood*
  • Special tops*
  • Neck Pocket*
  • Neck Pickup*
  • Middle Pickup*
  • Bridge Pickup*
  • Jack*
  • Bridge*
  • Front Contour*
  • Back Countour*
  • Control*
  • Top Round or Binding*
  • Bottom Round or Binding*


With our Custom Guitar customisation tool you can choose from a wide range of settings, including, body construction ,woods, custom spray shop  . Once you are done, you can purchase your own unique Guitar body , the same custom service is available for neck making on the site.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a 4 week lead time on all custom bodies if you choice our custom spray shop then plus another 2 week lead time.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 40 x 30 x 5 cm
Body Style

– Please select, Chambered, Hollow thin line rout with F sound hole, Standard solid Tele

Top Round or Binding

Please select, 10mm radius rounded Edge, 6mm radius rounded Edge, Black Binding, Cream Binding, Slab top small 2 mm pencil round, White Binding, None

Bottom Round or Binding

Please select, 10 mm radius rounded edge, 6mm radius rounded edge, Black binding, Cream Binding, slab top small 2mm pencil round, White binding, None

Choose Tone Wood

– Please select, Canadian Poplar, Korina, Sapele Mahogany, USA Alder, USA Swamp Ash

Special tops

– Please select, Bubinga, Flammed Maple, None, Paduak, Sapele Mahogany, Walnut, Wenge, Zebrano

Neck Pocket

– Please select, Stratocaster 3 hole plate, Stratocaster 4 hole plate, Telecaster 3 hole plate, Telecaster 4 hole plate

Neck Pickup

– Please select, Gretsch FilterTron, Stratocaster single coil, 50’s single coil tele pickup, Humbucker, mini Humbucker, None, P/90, Single Stratocaster, Single Telecaster, wide range Fender

Middle Pickup

– Please select, Gretsch FilterTron, mini Humbucker, NONE, P/90, Stratocaster single coil

Bridge Pickup

– Please select, Gretsch FilterTron, Humbucker, mini Humbucker, None, P/90, single Stratocaster, single Telecaster, wide range Fender


– Please select, 19mm side jack socket, 22mm side jack socket, No jack socket


– Please select, 2 point Fender style trem, Vintage telecaster ashtray bridge, Hardtail Fender, Stratocaster vintage trem

Front Contour

– Please select, Front contour, None

Back Countour

– Please select, None, Rear contour


– Please select, Rear Rout, Top Rout Standard Precision


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